Dateline 20 March 2011 10.31Z


Forces loyal to Col Qaddafi have appealed to the United Nations after US psychological operations forces appear to have airdropped copies of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ single on army barracks and weapons dumps.  Mohammed Saif Al Qaddafi, speaking on Al Jazeera, described the airdrop as ‘intolerable abuse of human rights’ and demanded ‘in the name of all things holy’ that the ‘dreadful sinusoidal gnarl of this appalling harridan’ not be used in future operations.

Major General Sir Christopher Hughes of the Royal Canadian Air Force, whose aircraft have been used to drop the deadly CDs, said that they were an important part in the reduction of the Libyan will to fight, but human rights groups expressed concern that unexploded CDs could pose a risk, particularly to children, for generations.

Mark Smythe of Amnesty International said ‘The picture of the wholesome, pretty young girl on the cover could encourage someone to put this into a CD player.   That’s no better than tying a teddy bear to a landmine.’