Hello. I’ve been away for a long time. I’ve been writing a book and it’s almost done, so I thought I’d try to get back into the spirit of things, now my dalliance with blogging among more notable luminaries on Iain Dale’s site has ended.

The fact is, there isn’t very much blogging to be done when your own lot is in power and the General Election is two years away.  As a result, I will endeavour to cover three themes in the next three months – the case for equal marriage,  the case for extricating our nation from the worst bits of the European project, and the rise of what one might consider wahabiist elements within the catholic fraternity in Ireland.  I may also turn my attention to the deficits in the centre-right of Ireland’s political landscape – or rather, what deficits it might find itself with if it were to exist.

Please accept this as a statement of intent – I know I lost a lot of readers during my hiatus, and rightly so – my hope is pinned on the possibility that my decision to shut the fuck up when I had little to say will be seen as the humane thing to do.  Now I have a few things to say – let’s see if there’s anyone interested in reading them.